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My experience with Mason Educational Mentoring (MEM) has been excellent. Our 7-year-old son was struggling in 2nd grade.  He was falling behind and feeling frustrated. I was impressed by her empathy, experience and her many credentials.

After assessing our son, we committed to three days a week of tutoring.  Within two sessions things began to turn around. I began to hear more positive feedback from the teacher. Within a month, our son’s math skills were greatly improved and his reading level had shot up.

More importantly, he did not seem to hate school anymore. Instead, he started coming home excited and happy about his day and his achievements. He began to strive to read more and harder books. He even bragged about his standing in the class. All of sudden I saw other children being more engaged with him. Instead of being the negative person who drew his teacher’s ire, he was fitting in.

Now several months later, our son’s academics are above grade level and he feels capable. I can say with confidence that hiring Mason Educational Mentoring was one of my best decisions as a parent. The level of professionalism and the strong academic results we achieved are outstanding. I highly recommend MEM!

Ari, Capitola, California

We have been working with Michelle now since the end of March 2018.  I have to say she is
"worth her weight in gold!!”  She is so knowledgeable in a multitude of areas of Special Education, Learning and Development.  She truly cares about giving your child the one on one that they need to succeed - we are very impressed with her professionalism and her insight.


Since we have Twins and both their needs are different with some similar overlap, she has accommodated us well and the kids were able to dramatically increase their scores on the State Standards in a very short time thanks to her hard work and motivating approach.  She also helped me through my many IEP meetings about our kids in the last few months of school and I can tell you, without a doubt, I would've been a sobbing mess had she not been there by my side.  In fact, our son who ended up being diagnosed with a learning disability, was actually going have this important issue overlooked by the school had she not been present to ask for even more evaluations from the Psych and Resource Specialists. I would never have even known to ask but as she reviewed his test scores from the full evaluations, she inquired further.


We now have proper plans in place for both kids next year within their IEP’s so we hope to definitely have a more successful year ahead. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough for her skill set and knowledge in dealing with the very confusing IEP process. Her tutoring skills are amazing and both our kids have had such huge success with her help that I am forever grateful to have found such an AMAZING resource! I would absolutely encourage you to at least have the assessment and discussion about what might work for your family/child. I honestly can say it has been money & time very well spent and I look forward to the next school year knowing we have all our ducks in a row and a very smart lady in our back pocket to help us navigate this crazy school system/IEP stuff for our kids.


Michelle clearly cares a great deal about kids, their Parents and especially how she can foster a successful educational path for all.  Her extensive background in the area of Special Education and Learning - shows in her work and comes through in our kids with her tutoring style for sure. She's also great at giving tips along the way to help you learn how to best help your kids as well. She has a great approach and I really hope you find the same reassurances that we have!

Adrienne, Santa Cruz, California

Michelle is wonderful. In the span of 15 months our son improved by 10 reading levels. You can't imagine how much it improved our son's self confidence. Amazing!

--Miles in Monterey

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