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Free Reading and Writing Checklists for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences are coming soon, so I thought it would be a good idea to go over what is expected of each child in Reading and Writing by November. If you have already had your Parent/Teacher Conference, you could still set up a new conference and bring in this checklist and review it with your child’s teacher. Remember that you can ask for a conference at any time. Having conferences, even those that are not during regular Parent/Teacher Conference time, is part of teachers’ jobs.

There are many checklists on the internet that will tell you what skills your child should have by the end of the year. The checklists that I have developed are specifically what your child should know by November. If your child is not meeting a few of the goals on these sheets. They still may be on track. However, if they are not working on grade level on a lot of goals, you should be talking to the school about how they can help your child further. It is critical that you find out where your child is having difficulty as soon as possible so that you can take steps to help your child. Early intervention is the best!

All that being said, you might want to bring the current grade’s checklist with you and the previous year’s checklist with you. If you are finding that your child is not meeting many of the milestones, take out the previous year's end-of-year checklist. Then review that with the teacher. Look on the internet for an end-of-the-year checklist for the previous year to see if your child developed all the required skills from the previous school year.

If you are unsure that your child is working at grade level after the meeting, the best way that you can know what their skill levels are is by having them tested. Click here for more information.

In this assessment, I check:


Phonological Processing

Sight Words


Silent Reading

Reading Comprehension

Reading Fluency


Writing Fluency

Written Expression



Math Concepts and Applications

Math Facts Fluency



Listening Comprehension

Oral Expression

These assessments take two to three hours, and I also meet with you to go over the data.

Click on the button to learn more about the assessments.

To develop these checklists, I used information from

California English/Language Arts Framework

University of Oregon Center on Teaching and Learning

Common Core State Standards

Click on the relevant button to get the Reading and Writing Checklists.

Kindergarten November Checklist
Download DOCX • 46KB

First Grade November Checklist
Download PDF • 179KB

Second Grade November Checklist
Download PDF • 158KB

Fourth Grade November Checklist
Download PDF • 150KB

Fifth Grade November Checklist
Download PDF • 153KB

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