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Other Services


Advocacy and IEP Coaching


School meetings can be overwhelming for a lot of parents. That is why Mason Educational Mentoring, LLC, offers support and advocacy for parents at meetings. We have several options: from just preparing for the meeting to attending the meeting with you. You choose which option works best for you.


  • Review school paperwork and files to help you understand


  • Help you prepare for Parent-Teacher, SST, IEP, and 504 meetings.


  • Develop strategies that can be implemented at school to help your child succeed.


  • Attend meetings with you to support you.


Behavior and Motivation


All children should not only be successful in school, but should also feel successful. When a child does not feel successful in school, their motivation decreases, and frequently, behavior problems increase. Motivation is enhanced when a child is successful in school. In many cases, tutoring helps the child be successful, so they are more motivated and better behaved in class. However, there are times when tutoring alone is not enough, or your child is doing okay in school, but needs support for motivation and positive behaviors. In those cases, we develop a motivation plan and/or a behavior plan to help your child. These plans can be implemented at home, in the classroom, or both.

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