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Tutor near me, Educational Therapist, Special Education Advocate


Educational Therapist, Tutor, Educational Advocat

Michelle Mason, founder and director of Mason Educational Mentoring, has a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Claremont Graduate University, an M.A. in Special Education from San Francisco State University, and four teaching credentials and certificates: Multiple Subject, Mild/Moderate Disabilities, Cross-Cultural Language and Development, and Resource Specialist.

Michelle has a passion for helping and motivating struggling learners.


As a teacher, she saw that many students were not getting the assistance they needed to thrive at school. This is why Dr. Mason decided to start Mason Educational Mentoring, LLC. For each child, she develops an individualized learning plan to help them meet their potentials. She also advocates for children to get the services and programs that will help them succeed.

Dr. Mason has over a decade of experience working as a teacher, tutor, and a university professor. While being an educator, Dr. Mason has taught K-8 grades as well as undergraduates. As a college professor, she has published papers and presented at national and international conferences on achievement motivation (motivation for learning and excelling at school), love of learning (exploring what it is and how to define it), and teacher attrition. Her research has always focused on how environments affect motivation in school and love of learning.

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